Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company is a state company of the Ministry of Transport, Information Tecnology and Communications which manages the infrastructure of the public transport ports of national importance
Among the basic activities of the company regarding these ports are
construction, rehabilitation and reconstruction;
  • Maintenance of the existing and building of new access channels, port water areas, sea and river depots for dumping of dredging mass, piers, protective installations, etc;
  • Organization of the ports’ activity and management of their property;
  • Securing the access to the ports;
  • Realization of ships’ navigation.
Collecting on Tariff and expanding of :
- channel taxes;
- tonnage ship taxes;
- linear quay taxes;
- light taxes;
- taxes for refuse management – result of shipping activity.
  • Signing of contracts with port operators for performing of services in the refuse management, resulting from the shipping activity;
  • Signing of contracts for performing of attending services;
  • Maintenance and keeping of a register, containing port infrastructure data;
  • Assisting the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications in monitoring of the concession contracts implementation and the contracts with sole-trader companies for performing of port services and attending activities;
  • Organization of the collection, maintenance in up to date condition and the conceding of specialized data for the objects from the cadastre and the property register. Preparation of specialized maps, registers and information systems.
  • Preparation of a project for National Program for Development of Ports and its presentation to the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications;
  • Work on the actualization and implementation of the National Program for Development of Ports; 
  • Accepting of annual investment programs for ports’ construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance and their proposing for approving by the Minister of Transport.

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company is a legal entity on the sense of Article 62, Paragraph 3 of the Trade Law   and it has been established according to the Article 115 l of the Law on Sea Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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