Implementation of River Information System




      BULRIS Project is part of the Pan-European navigation information system for providing effective and safe navigation along the inland waterways. Establishment of river information systems in all sections of the Danube River, controlled by individual countries in the Community, will allow the creation of a united navigation system to ensure effective and safe navigation along the one of the largest river highway in the Community.

     In the Bulgarian stretch of the river still there is no such river information system. This puts the country into underprivileged situation in comparison to the other countries of the Community because it is not included in the common European information exchange system. In addition, it becomes subject of infringements if not feasible within the deadline of the Project developed under the basis of Directive 2005/44/ЕС of the Parliament and the Community Council of September 7, 2005.       BULRIS Project is included in priority axes IV of OP “Transport" – “Improvemeu funds enent of the maritime and inland-waterways navigation" and shall be implemented in three phases within the programming period up to the end 2013.

     Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company /BPI Co/ is a beneficiary under the project. Indicative budget for the whole project is BGN 35 378 913.72, and for the first phase – BGN 11 289 444 000.

bulris 01

     On October 4, 2011 was signed a grant contract between the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications and BPI Co for the implementation of the Project.

     A month earlier was successfully completed testing of the sub-systems in the region of Southeast Bulgaria. Following the completion of tests on full functionality of the integrated system, covering 6 sites in Rousse, Silistra, Toutrakan and Varna, in the Eastern part of the Bulgarian Danube River will be in operation a fully developed telecommunications network. It will enable the transfer of information from and to the vessels, sailing the river and to maintain constant radio contact with the centre of the river information system in (RIS Centre–Rousse). The application software developed under the Project will facilitate the monitoring and controlling of the vessels navigation along the Danube River, the notices to skippers distribution, the electronic performance of the mandatory reports to coastal authorities, and will allow the detailed visual traffic monitoring and automatic identification of vessels.

     BULRIS Project implementation will allow Bulgaria not only to meet the requirements of the EU for improvement of navigation but to enhance the capacity for the port infrastructure modernization, by offering competitive transport services, attract more transit cargo through the Danube ports and create conditions for accelerated development of the intermodal terminals along the river.

     The river information systems manage traffic along the waterways; are responsible for waterways maintenance, vessels safety and environmental protection. These systems allow the crews to be provided in real time with information for the river situation, the available critical sections, port water area the vessel calls and the weather conditions there.

     Users of RIS are: navigation waterway operators, port operators, fleet managers, customs and border control bodies, authorities.

     Project realization shall foster the railway transport because the intermodal terminals development will improve the connection sea – river by means of railway transport and will increase the freight railway haulage.